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Battle fatigue on the home front
I am not a pacifist. I am a mother. By nature, the two are incompatible, for even a cottontail rabbit will fight to protect her young. Violent action may be necessary in defense of one's family or home, and that definition of home can easily be extended to community and beyond, but violence, no matter how warranted, always takes a heavy toll.

Finding Time for 2005
As you reach the end of 2004, take time to look at all of your commitments, including work, family and volunteering or other outside activities. Almost everyone I talk to has more on their plate than they can handle. This is a great time of year to decide what you want to accomplish in the new year and which commitments will support you in your overall career and life purpose.

Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill
House and Senate negotiators have tucked a potentially far-reaching anti-abortion provision into a $388 billion must-pass spending bill, complicating plans for Congress to wrap up its business and adjourn for the year. The provision may be an early indication of the growing political muscle of social conservatives who provided crucial support for Republican candidates, including President Bush, in the election.

Hot Dates

December 7 at 6:30pm
Just what you have been waiting for, so get out that door. There will be food to eat and women to meet. Why the RSVP?

  • I have reserved six extra seats in case you were not able to get your reservation in, in time. Please confirm if you are coming at your earliest convenient time.

December 11th from Noon - 6pm
Home Grown Fine Art Show
Sculptures by Pamela Dueweke and paintings by Melonie Steffes Callaghan. Saturday at 9660 Chateau St. in Interlochen. Fine Art from $5 to $1000. Pamela Dueweke (231) 590-2467. Melonie Steffes Callaghan (231) 275-1364

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Never Surrender
I pledge to Never Surrender in the fight to build a better democracy that can provide life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Toxins in Your Dinner? Mercury Threatens Our Health
Did you know you could be serving toxic mercury for dinner? That's right. Mercury, a dangerous toxin emitted from coal-fired power plants, is deposited in streams, lakes, and rivers, where it accumulates in fish - fish we eat. One in five women have unhealthy mercury levels in her blood that threaten the neurological development of more than 600,000 newborns every year. Neurological damage caused by mercury exposure is irreversible.

Left Out, Left Behind
Throughout the country, women are underrepresented on university science, math and engineering faculties. In fact, a landmark report issued earlier this year by Dr. Donna Nelson shows that women are rare – and women of color all but invisible -- in tenure and tenure-track positions in the top science departments. Now that school-specific data are available, you can find out how your school is doing and work for change.

EPA Will Use Poor Kids as Guinea Pigs in New Study on Pesticides
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), led by Bush appointees, plans to launch a new study in which participating low income families will have their children exposed to toxic pesticides over the course of two years. The study entitled CHEERS (Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study) will look at how chemicals can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed by children ranging from babies to 3 years old. For taking part in these studies, each family will receive $970, a free video camera, a T-shirt, and a framed certificate of appreciation. Sign the petition to stop this insanity.

About “Traverse for Women”
  • Our goal is to change our culture in order to prevent increasing violence against women and girls through education, entertainment and positive representation of women.
  • In these pages we provide information about current events and regional social activities.
  • We also will share information that may be personally empowering for may women.
  • We are also pleased to recognize "Notable Women of NW Michigan" who have contributed to our region and our world in a myriad of ways.
  • While women make up over 51% of the human population, we enjoy nowhere near 51% of the power and influence. Our goal at “Traverse for Women” is to build more effective women's networks in our region that will help to correct this inequity. A fair and balanced cultural system that represents the demographics of our society would be healthier for all.
"To those who question whether women would change the nature of political power or whether political power would change the nature of women, there can be only one answer — Let's try it. Let's find out."

Bella Abzug (1920-1998)

“Traverse for Women” Launches Message Center
February 07, 2004—The Message Center contains public and private Forums covering a wide variety of interests. You must Register to use the Message Center before you can write or respond to messages. Click this symbol to  
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Looking for a few good women
“Traverse for Women” would like to hear from women that would like to be part of the design and editorial team for this web site. No experience in web site management is necessary. READ MORE

A Web Page for Your NW Michigan Women's Group
If your women's group would like to have your own web page at this site, please submit a proposal to us. Simply click the title of this message, or the e-mail button at the top of any page to contact us.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that there weren't notable, accomplished, and effective women throughout history. They have always been there. HIStorians have consistently failed to document women's accomplishments — therefore each generation of women have had to reinvent themselves.