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Reject my mother's bigotry
"I am the daughter of Sadie Fields, president of the Christian Coalition of Georgia... I am writing to encourage you not to follow my mother's lead."

Oprah Slaps Bush
So there she was, the nation's most powerful and popular public female, Oprah, doing what she does so freakishly well, cheerleading and extolling and impressing upon, getting women up and getting them angry and demanding that they exercise their hard-won right to vote and demanding that they quit dissing their feminist ancestors, the ones who worked so damn hard for suffrage and for freedom of choice and for the right to tell powerful sexist Republican men where they can shove their repressive sexist antichoice bigotry.

Why Bush Opposes Dred Scott (It's code for Roe v. Wade)
In the Oct. 8 debate, President Bush baffled some people by saying he wouldn't appoint anyone to the Supreme Court who would condone the Dred Scott decision. Dred Scott was, of course, the famous 1857 Supreme Court decision that affirmed slaves remained the property of their owners even when taken to free territories and that prohibited even free African-Americans from becoming U.S. citizens.

When choosing who to vote for, think about woman's choice
A friend of mine, in her late 40s was shocked to find herself pregnant last year. Her children were nearly grown and it was the last thing she had planned. A number of her Republican friends told her they would support whatever choice she decided to make.

Melissa Etheridge Recovering After Surgery
Melissa Etheridge is recovering at her home in California from two surgeries to treat breast cancer. Etheridge, 43, said on her Web site that a tumor and lymph nodes were removed, and she will undergo chemotherapy next. She canceled tour dates to undergo treatment.

Music Therapy and Domestic Violence
Music is an incredibly powerful form of expression. It combines both words and sound to deliver a message. Certain songs that one hears on the radio can trigger specific memories in one's mind. There is no doubt, there is a strong connection between music and our feelings.

Tradition Collide as Afghan Women Try to Vote
Afghanistan - Samerra said she wanted to vote for Masoda Jalal, the only Afghan woman running in Saturday's historic presidential elections, because she "would fight for more rights for women." But Samerra's father didn't agree with her choice. Centuries-old traditions are even more sacred than Islam, and the word of regional commanders and village elders - all of them male - is law.

Half the World is Women
The interconnection between environmental awareness and better lives for poor women is clear. Women the world over, in developing nations on every continent, are working to protect the environment and improve their lives–and proving that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Judge throws out Louisiana gay marriage ban
Louisiana (AP) -- A state judge Tuesday threw out a Louisiana constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, less than three weeks after it was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. District Judge William Morvant said the amendment was flawed as drawn up by the Legislature because it had more than one purpose: banning not only gay marriage but also civil unions.

Bisexuals Overlooked in the Debate on Equal Marriage Rights
In the hundreds of stories written about 'gay marriage' in recent months, one group of people deeply affected by the issue has been left out: bisexuals. This omission has not only made the record factually incomplete, but has helped contribute to an oversimplification of an emotional-laden and complex issue.

Fund Free Mammograms
Click the button to provide free mammograms to women through the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation to low-income, inner-city and minority women, whose awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is often limited.

Michigan Women's Commission Holds Hearings about “Issues Impacting Women”
September 8, 2004 — A variety of Michigan organizations spoke at the hearing, which was held at the Grand Rapids campus of Grand Valley State University Issues that were addressed included pay equity, domestic violence, environment, safe food, and high risk situations for women, education for women, mentoring for young women, prison outreach, and women’s health. The next public hearing will be held in Lansing on Wednesday, December 8, 2004. For more information about these hearings or other work the commission does, please contact us at (517) 373-2884

M'Lynn Hartwell's Report to the Michigan Women's Commission PDF
September 8, 2004 — "After receiving my invitation to testify here today I sent out an e-mail to about 250 women, as well as placed a number of telephone calls. Today I will share some of the more common concerns and issues affecting the lives of these women."

How do I start a business in Michigan? PDF
Starting a business is a huge endeavor that can bring both rewards and struggles. For women looking for freedom from the typical job or hoping to find a work schedule that will accommodate their family life, starting a business can be very beneficial. It can bring a sense of independence, and at times, it can be a way to achieve greater financial success.

Is it Safe to Go Back to School?
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly half of America's 53 million students will soon be returning to schools where they will be exposed to hazardous levels of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, lead, and asbestos--not to mention the worst school cafeteria food in any industrialized nation.

Regional Delegates to the State Convention Elected
The Democratic Party has Elected the following people to be delegates at the state convention: M'Lynn Hartwell, Mike Dettmer, Grant Parsons, Lynn Larson, Michael Estes, Rhonda Estes, Ann Krantz, Joel Casler, Diana Ketola, Harold Chase, Brooke Bourgeson-Gray, Jon Toth, Chris Toth, and Duaba Abbott.

Closing the Sale
You have the appointment with the key decision maker, you have spent the time to learn her business and demonstrate your knowledge and experience, and you have gotten agreement on the problem they need to solve. Now you get to show your stuff, pitch your offering, and make them fall in love with what you are selling. For many sales people, this is where things go south, fall apart, kill the deal.

Rainbow Grannies Complete Ride Across America
This past summer, married lesbian grandmothers Carrie and Elisia Ross-Stone rode their bicycles over 3,100 miles across America to raise awareness and get support for equal civil marriage rights. Through 14 states and over nearly 9 weeks, they received a wide range of responses – from enthusiastic support to death threats and hateful protests.

Program Shows Lasting Impact on Women's STD Risk
A program aimed at cutting rates of sexually transmitted disease among minority women at heightened risk seems to have lasting benefits, according to a new study.

The Double Bind
Our entire notions of the workplace are based on the environment that men created, largely untouched by women's influence, over several hundred years. Do you think thirty years of women moving up from administrative jobs is going to change that reality?

Job Search Success: Give Employers What They’re Looking For
Are you looking for a job that you’ve been dreaming of, or just looking for a job? Develop an effective job search plan, avoid resume disasters, and ace the interview by asking yourself, “What are employers looking for?” Follow these tips and you will be on your way to an effective results-oriented job search that may land you the career of your dreams.

Gap Between Haves, Have-nots Expands
Over two decades, the income gap has steadily increased between the richest Americans, who own homes and stocks and got big tax breaks, and those at the middle and bottom of the pay scale, whose paychecks buy less. The growing disparity is even more pronounced in this recovering economy. Wages are stagnant and the middle class is shouldering a larger tax burden. Prices for health care, housing, tuition, gas and food have soared.

Regional Activist to Testify Before Governor Granholm's Women's Commission
September 8, 2004 — Traverse City's own M'Lynn Hartwell has been invited to provide testimony to the Michigan Women's Commission. The title of the hearing is "Issues of Concern to Women". Traverse for Women wants your voice to be heard. Please email your concerns and issues to Concerns@TraverseForWomen.com, or visit the discussion topic "Issues of Concern to Women" at the "Message Center" (from the main menu, click on "Something to Talk About").

Civility in the Workplace
Workplace anxiety and anger over war issues and disputes between pro- and anti-war activists don't exactly help stress levels at work. But neither do constant downsizing and layoffs, budget tightening, internal competition, and the push to produce more and faster with fewer resources. Workplace stress and tension are rising, which manifests as rudeness and inappropriate behavior.

Mothers Acting Up
Mothers Acting Up is dedicated to mobilizing the gigantic political strength of mothers to ensure the health, education and safety of every child, not just a privileged few. We realize that we live in a world that does not prioritize or protect our children's well-being and that this will not change without each of us finding the courage and commitment to speak out on their behalf

What Men Want
Conventional wisdom, promoted by the media, suggests that the traditional wife is back in vogue ... or at least that is what they want you to believe. While while "Stepford Wives" may be good for a few chuckles in a movie, it's way off the mark.

Help Me! Why We Should Ask Each Other for Help
"We all feel overwhelmed at times. And, the one action that might help us most is the one we often refuse to perform: asking for help. " M. Nora Klaver outlines the reasons to ask for help in difficult situations and the rewards for doing so.

So You're an Environmentalist; Why Are You Still Eating Meat?
Evidence shows a meat-based diet is bad for the environment, aggravates global hunger, brutalizes animals and compromises health.

The Controversial Letter from the Pope, To The Bishops of the Catholic Church
Vatican — In recent times, much reflection has been given to the question of the dignity of women and to women's rights and duties in the different areas of civil society and the Church. Having contributed to a deeper understanding of this fundamental question, in particular through the teaching of John Paul II,1 the Church is called today to address certain currents of thought which are often at variance with the authentic advancement of women.

Out-of-touch, the Vatican takes on women
"Eve was framed!" That bumper-sticker slogan gave us a welcome giggle when we first saw it, but now it seems an important rallying cry in response to a letter from the Vatican attacking feminism. Who knew that women's quest for equality from "biological determinism" has brought about everything from the breakup of the family to gay marriage? Such a notion would be funny if it didn't reflect how utterly out of touch the Church leaders in Rome are from the realities of women's lives.

Pope Warns Feminists
The Pope will call on leaders of the Roman Catholic church today to attack feminist ideologies which assert that men and women are fundamentally the same. The Vatican is concerned that this belief is eroding what it regards as women's maternal vocation. This is the Vatican's third major pronouncement on women's role in the quarter century of John Paul's papacy - has drawn scornful criticism from feminists and academics.

Community must reject the messengers of hate
This must also be a time for those who so loudly denounce the gay lifestyle to look at their message and listen to themselves. They need to ask whether their stridency might not engender just the kind of thing that happened last Sunday. While they may never turn to violence themselves, they must weigh the impact their words may have on others. When does incitement become the crime itself? Those who don't obsess over how gays and lesbians live their lives are puzzled by those who do. They can't figure out why the very existence of gays and lesbians excites such hatred in some people.

U.S. Debt Burden Is Higher Now than During Depression
The total amount owed – by consumers, businesses, governments and financial institutions – totaled $34.4 trillion at the end of 2003, according to the Federal Reserve. The economy produced $11.3 trillion of output. That makes the nation's debt triple its gross domestic product. In 1933, debt was about 2 1/2 times GDP, according to a study by the Gabelli Mathers mutual fund.

Study: MRIs find more breast tumors
In women at high risk of breast cancer, new research suggests MRI scans find nearly twice as many tumors as mammograms do, but they cost a lot and trigger more unneeded biopsies.

Suburban Moms Launch Grassroots Web Campaign to Mobilize Straights for Gay Rights
Call it the “Straight Plot for the Gay Knot”: today marks the launch of Someone You Know Is Gay, a grassroots online campaign to mobilize straight allies in support of fundamental rights for gay people. The site asks users to pledge to promote positive awareness of gays and lesbians to those around them. Someone You Know is Gay was created by two suburban moms, one straight and one lesbian, Jeanne-Marie Baron and Beth Greenapple.

  Record-Eagle/Lara Neel
Sheryl Layton comforts her partner of 19 years, Hilda Charles, as they talk about the fire that destroyed a portable toilet on their property in rural Benzie County where participants of an annual gay-lesbian bicycle tour were camping.

Police lack knowledge about fire
Police hope information from someone who knows something about an anti-gay attack at a Friends North camp outing in Benzie County will lead to a break in their case. "I think whoever did it is a bunch of cowards," Undersheriff Joe Barone said, adding that his department takes the early Sunday morning incident seriously. We're hoping that anybody with any information comes forward.

Fire sends signals of hate
HONOR - A midnight fire that organizers said was deliberately set and hate messages strewn across a camping area marred an area gay-lesbian group's yearly summer bike outing. JOIN A GROUP DISCUSSION

Friends North / Triangle Foundation Annual Bicyclist Tour Vandalized
Thompsonville — Shortly after midnight Sunday morning a campground containing over 70 bicyclists from around the state was vandalized. A plastic outhouse was set on fire. In the first light of morning dozens of hand written pieces of note paper containing hateful comments were found distributed in and around the dining tent area. Although no individual or group has claimed credit, the notes left behind included a full page swastika, and the letters KKK. The police are investigating. This story is developing..

Bush Using Fear of Death to Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds
Every time Bush is in trouble he generates fear by declaring an imminent threat. Sometimes that may be the right thing to do. But it is a psychological approach.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Paranoia, Erratic Behavior
President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia. The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately. (See story above and below).

U.S. Debt Burden Is Higher Now than During Depression
The total amount owed – by consumers, businesses, governments and financial institutions – totaled $34.4 trillion at the end of 2003, according to the Federal Reserve. The economy produced $11.3 trillion of output. That makes the nation's debt triple its gross domestic product. In 1933, debt was about 2 1/2 times GDP, according to a study by the Gabelli Mathers mutual fund.

In Praise of Unruly Women
Teresa Heinz Kerry is a breath of fresh air, so why are the media choking on it?According to the chattering class, Heinz Kerry is – and I quote – "too outspoken," "too opinionated," "slightly zany," "eccentric and unpredictable," "the queen of direct" and – cover your ears, kids – "says what she thinks, when she thinks it."

Nominations Being Accepted For State Librarian’s Excellence Award
The Library of Michigan Foundation is now accepting nominations for the State Librarian's Excellence Award, to be awarded to a library of any type that exemplifies excellence in customer service. One library in Michigan receives this prestigious award each year. The recipient of the 2004 Excellence Award will receive a check for $5,000, to be used as the library wishes to provide library service, as well a distinctive trophy for display in the library's public area. Two Library of Michigan Foundation Citations of Excellence will also be presented. The deadline for nominations is Sept. 12. For additional information, visit www.michigan.gov/lmfoundation or contact the Library of Michigan Foundation at (517) 373-1297.

Casino ejects Ronstadt over 'Fahrenheit' praise
Singer Linda Ronstadt was thrown out of the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas on the weekend after dedicating a song to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore and his movie "Fahrenheit 9/11".

Whoopi Loses Gig for Bashing Bush
Outspoken actress Whoopi Goldberg lost her Slim-Fast gig for agreeing to speak at a Democratic fundraiser.

Martha Stewart gets 5 months
Martha Stewart, the former stockbroker who turned her skill and passion for decorating and cooking into a multimedia empire, was sentenced yesterday to five months in federal prison, five months of house arrest, and two years of supervised probation

Michigan women's groups support affirmative action
Leaders of 11 Michigan women's organizations joined forces Tuesday to support affirmative action.

A Victory for All American Families
A group of anti-American politicians decided to trick some bigoted citizens instead of helping them. Those politicians proposed a Constitutional amendment that would take away, rather than protect, civil liberties -- and the politicians used it as a fundraising device. Pandering is bad, and when so-called leaders do it, it is disgusting. On the bright side, most members of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of American values and defeated the discrimination amendment for now.

Top 500 companies for Women
Women hold 13.6% of board seats at Fortune 500 companies. The number of seats held by women of color has increased from 2.5% in 1999 to 3% in 2003. Of the Fortune 500, 54 companies have 25% or more women directors in 2003.

Senate Rejects Bid for Marriage Amendment
Republicans think they have an advantage in the "mainstream" war on the issue of gay marriage. But they have tossed it away this week. In proposing a constitutional amendment to define marriage only as "the union of a man and a woman," the GOP's goal was to put Democrats on the cultural defensive and to inspire religious conservatives who form the core of modern the party today. Instead, the White House and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist have exposed divisions among Republicans. VIEW ACTUAL VOTES

The Mother of All Anti-War Forces
There is a remarkable scene in "Fahrenheit 9/11" when Lila Lipscomb talks with an anti-war activist outside the White House about the death of her 26-year-old son in Iraq. Watching Ms. Lipscomb doubled over in pain on the White House lawn, I was reminded of other mothers who have taken the loss of their children to the seat of power and changed the fate of wars. The Bush administration's talk of moral clarity falls dumb before the grief of those who have lost children in Iraq.

To the Ladies in the Room
Warning: Bush's anti-woman record be damned - Frank Luntz arms Bush with 'framing' devices to court the womens' vote. Luntz described his methods with pride. His job is to "set the context" and "frame the debate," which he learns how to do through focus groups, polls and dial sessions- manipulation. Luntz has discovered that the 4 percent of Americans who still have not made up their minds about this election tend to be working women, younger, new mothers and fairly low-wage earners. I was pleased to hear Luntz explain how he'd uncovered the most interesting thing about these women.

There are women in this documentary who you have to pay attention to. Christian, Muslim, American, Iraqi; mothers who are, as are most women in times of war, left behind trying to make sense of the loss of life."

Separating civil from sacred marriage
The best idea I've heard so far is for everyone to take a deep breath. Then we'd all do well to take some time to understand the historical development of marriage as well as the difference between civil and sacred, or sacramental, marriage. Although both types of marriage usually get conflated in one ceremony witnessed and approved by a religious community, they really are different.

Fewer women than men take aspirin for heart healt
Despite evidence that an aspirin a day can ward off heart attacks, many high-risk people -- especially women -- are not taking the drug, a large U.S. survey shows.

Another Internet Explorer flaw found
Microsoft on Friday released a fix that's designed to protect computers from one of three flaws that, together, could be used to digitally slip past a PC's security through the browser. This weekend, however, a security researcher identified another flaw that could serve the same purpose and that isn't fixed by Microsoft's patch.

Ditching the Lipstick-and-Panties Pitch
Rarely have so many matters of such profound significance been at stake in an electoral decision: the war in Iraq; a massive budget deficit; employment; abortion rights; the moral status of the United States in the world. So it is no wonder that a flock of energized political activists is wooing single women's votes. And we can indeed make a difference in November...

Microsoft posts work-around for Internet Explorer flaw
Microsoft released on Friday a work-around for an Internet Explorer vulnerability that has left Windows users open to attacks for almost nine months. The flaw, in an ActiveX scripting component, gained notoriety last month when it became the mechanism used by a network of compromised Web sites to install a malicious program on victims' computers. The software giant has published a work-around on its Web site and directed customers to use its Windows update service to download the patch.

Northern Michigan Pride Celebration
Jun 19, 2004— The Traverse City "Village" grounds were the site of this years Northern Michigan Pride event. The weather was perfect. The music was fantastic. The food was wonderful. A good time was enjoyed by all.

GOP Scores Low On Women's Rights
While the Republican effort to scale back abortion rights victories has been relentless, abortion is just one of the areas in which women's freedoms are under assault. "There is almost a daily attack on the rights women have won over a really long period of time and programs ... we never expected to be under attack."

Torture in Iraq, and the Role of Women
The photos of abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers have horrified the world. But particularly shocking for some is the role that female soldiers seem to have played in some of these abuse allegations. These photos fly in the face of cultural views of women as more peaceful, less aggressive, and less violent than men. They call into question many of our notions of gender, but perhaps these photos of abuse say more about the dangers of military culture than they do about our ideas of female versus male behavior.

U.S. Women Lack Health Insurance, Access to Care
Research by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that a significant number of U.S. women under 64 lack health insurance and that others face barriers to adequate care.

United States Women’s Basketball League to Launch in 2005
As the top teams in women’s college basketball go about the business of crowning a national champion, Kansas City sports entrepreneur Cheryl Fields is preparing a place for some of the participants to play after college. Fields has formed the United States Women’s Basketball League, which will be beginning play in April of 2005. She hopes to have 30 franchises in place, for a season that will run from April through August. “Women’s basketball is continuing to grow across the country and the caliber of play is continuing to improve. We’re hoping that some of these players will one day move on from our league to the WNBA. Fields, who is the owner of the Kansas City Krunch of the National Women’s Football Association, is seeking owners for league franchises in various cities around the country. By keeping the cost of an initial investment to a minimum, she is hoping to attract non-traditional owners to the league and encourage interested individuals to start their own businesses. Prospective players and team owners interested in learning more about the USWBL should contact Fields at (913)-906-9496, or by e-mail at Emporia962000@yahoo.com.

Putting Bias in the Constitution
With his re-election campaign barely started and his conservative base already demanding tribute, President Bush proposes to radically rewrite the Constitution. Such an amendment could radically roll back the rights of millions of Americans.

Media Censorship Impacts Women and Children
The Bush administration has cut off its closed captioning for nearly 200 TV shows, prompting charges of secret censorship to promote an ideological agenda. the new ruling discriminates against people who use captioning to learn English as a second language and hearing parents with deaf children who might want to choose what they watch on TV together. MORE INFORMATION AND DISCUSSION

Bush Attacks Women's Rights
President Bush dealt a crippling blow to women around the world when he reinstated the Global Gag Rule. The Gag Rule condemns hundreds of thousands of women and girls to unsafe abortions and even death by denying crucial funding to any health care providers that provide information on abortion to their patients.

Unlawful Sexual Harassment: How to Recognize It, How to Stop It
A complete definition of sexual harassment is provided at the end of this document. But briefly, sexual harassment is when someone makes you think you'll get in trouble or lose your job, or be discriminated against in obtaining or benefiting from public accommodations, public services, employment, education, or housing, if you do not give in to their sexual advances or put up with their sexual remarks.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Covered employers must grant an eligible employee up to a total of 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period for one or more of the following reasons ...

Don't ever let anyone tell you that there weren't notable, accomplished, and effective women throughout history. They have always been there. HIStorians have consistently failed to document women's accomplishments — therefore each generation of women have had to reinvent themselves.