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The Real American Family

More Unmarried Couples Choosing to Live Together and Bear Children
Child Trends, March 26, 2001

The marriage hoax

Conservative moralists, alarmed by the divorce rate, want us to return to a Golden Age of Marriage. Too bad it never existed.
Salon.Com, March 19, 2001

Married-With-Children Still Fading

Washington Post, May 14, 2001

Two-Parent Families Increasingly Immigrants
Washington Post, May 22, 2001

43% of 1st Marriages End in Divorce in 15 Years

USA Today, May 25, 2001

Shotgun Weddings by Uncle Sam
Business Week, June 4, 2001

Bush's Controversial Bid to Promote Marriage
Christian Science Monitor, June 4, 2001

Banish the boogeymom!
Why, when a woman chooses both to work and to mother, does she incite the sort of rage reserved for wayward clerics and defilers of sacred things?
Salon.Com, June 5, 2001

The Nuclear Family Takes a Hit
Salon, June 7, 2001

Father's Day, 2001
Census Bureau Facts for Features News, June 17, 2001

Searching for your `soul mate'
Chicago Tribune, June 17, 2001

Census Shows Big Increase in Gay Households
Washington Post, June 20, 2001

The Good in a Bad Marriage
USA Today, June, 21, 2001

Researchers Say Filicide [Murder of Children] Not Rare
Houston Chronicle, June 22, 2001

U.S. Adults Postponing Marriage, Census Bureau Reports

Surgeon General Urges Thorough Sex Education
Washington Post, June 29, 2001

Did Cradles Always Rock? Or Did Mom Once Not Care?
New York Times, June 30, 2001

Tracking Family Structures: Fewer N.C. children living with married parents
Charlotte Observer

Behind the Surge in Gay Couples: Census Reallocated Respondents in '90
Bergen (N.J.) Record, July 4, 2001

New Poll on Racial Intermarriage: Survey Finds Increasing Tolerance
Associated Press, July 5, 2001

Take Closer Look at Nuclear-Family Norm
USA Today, July 12, 2001

[Daycare] More Expensive Than College
The Christian Science Monitor, July 16, 2001

Children's Well-Being Improves, Report Says
New York Times, July 19, 2001

Study: U.S. children healthier, wealthier than in 1998
USA Today, July 19, 2001

Child Welfare Improving, Study Says
Washington Post, July 19, 2001

Relationship respite: Women find 'marriage sabbaticals' help them pursue dreams, find direction
USA Today, July 19, 2001

U.S. Schools Turn More Segregated, Study Finds
New York Times, July 20, 2001

Campus Romance, Unrequited
Washington Post, July 25, 2001

Dating on the American College Campus Is All but Dead, Survey Finds
The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 27, 2001

New York Law May Fan the Fire in Divorces Like Giuliani's
New York Times, July 29, 2001

Rethinking Segregation Beyond Black and White
New York Times, July 29, 2001

Surprising Result in Welfare-to-Work Studies
New York Times, July 31, 2001

When There's Simply Not Enough Food for Thought (Nutrition and Learning)
New York Times, August 1, 2001

The 2000 Census: Facts on Education and Youth

Two-Parent Families Rise After Changes in Welfare
New York Times, August 12, 2001

Latino baby boom propels growth spurt; High birthrates lead shift toward
majority status in California

San Jose Mercury News, August 13, 2001

University of California Study: Paradoxes of Daycare

Unwed Partners Up 72% in U.S.:Demographics
Los Angeles Times, August 20, 2001

Only 3 percent of low-income families served by Head Start: An Early Start on Education
Washington Post, August 13, 2001

New Children's Defense Fund Studies: How Children Fare in Welfare Experiments and Youth and Crime

Gay Couples Found to Head More Homes
New York Times, August 22, 2001

TV Gives Unrealistic View of Marriage
Houston Chronicle, August 23, 2001

Growing Up with Gay Parents
USA TODAY, August 23, 2001

Census Bureau Releases 1998 Poverty Estimates for States and District of Columbia

Putting Stagnant SAT Scores in Perspective
New York Times, August 29, 2001

In 90's Economy, Middle Class Stayed Put, Analysis Suggests
New York Times, August 31, 2001

Report Shows Americans Have More 'Labor Days'
New York Times, September 1, 2001

Seniors Pick Cohabitation Rather than Marriage
Los Angeles Times, September 4, 2001

Register to Vote NOW
Only days until the U.S. can elect our President.

Issues, Concerns, and Political Action Requests


Put Kids Before Profits
In every election, the big tobacco companies and their political action committees spend millions of dollars in campaign contributions and other political donations. That's bad for democracy and that's bad for our kids. Tell candidates running for office in your district to put America's Kids first, not Big Tobacco's profits.

Don't Censure the American History of Dissent
If you thought that our national parks were safe from the Religious Right, think again. Last year, under pressure from conservative religious groups, the National Park Service (NPS) promised to edit a videotape that is shown to the public at the Lincoln Memorial. What's on the video that needs to be edited out? Scenes of American citizens protesting for gay rights, abortion rights, and peace at the Lincoln Memorial.

President Bush: For my family's security, I will not vote for you
As mothers, our top priority is protecting the people we love, and providing them with a secure foundation. To achieve that goal, our maternal instincts are telling us we need a new president.

Like Taking Coverage From a Baby
On Sept. 30, 2004, the deadline for Congress to act on preserving $1.1 billion in federal funds for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) – the program which focuses on insuring the kids of the working poor – was allowed to expire. The money was taken away from the states and returned to the U.S. Treasury. According to Families USA, if President Bush hadn't allowed the deadline for states to use SCHIP funds to expire, 750,000 children could have been insured.

Protect Patients' Rights
On Wednesday, September 22 at 1:00 pm, the Senate Health Policy Committee will take up a package of bills that could gravely restrict patient care. This legislation, known as a "Refusal Clause," allows health care providers and insurance companies to deny patient care and refuse to provide referrals for needed medical services if the providers have a "moral, religious, or ethical objection."

Tell Bush: Stop Mistreating Women in the Military
Did you know that the U.S. military won't cover the cost of abortion, even if the servicewoman has been raped or her life is threatened by the pregnancy? But the military does cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, including breast implants, nose jobs, and liposuction! Help right this obvious wrong

U.S.: Stop Playing Politics With Women's Lives
Since President Bush entered office, he has imposed countless restrictions on the reproductive freedom of women everywhere - but the impact is being felt most by poor women throughout the world. For example, for the past three years, the Bush administration has denied $34 million annually in funding for birth control, maternal and child health care, and HIV/AIDS prevention for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. This money could have prevented 2 million unwanted pregnancies, 800,000 induced abortions, and 4,700 maternal deaths, as well as 77,000 infant and child deaths each year.

Please oppose House Bills 5006 and 5276-5278
These bills go far beyond restricting procedures relating to abortions, despite what proponents say. These bills would allow a wide range of abuse including health care professionals denying care to people they do not like. This violates every ethical tenet of the medical profession.

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move
Moving companies are legally obligated to give it you. Scammers do not want you to see this information.

How to Protect Yourself From Moving Scams
Moving? It's easy to get excited about moving someplace new... you've got your promotion, you've found a new home, and you're ready to relocate halfway across the country. Life is good! Until you try to find a moving company, that is... then you may find you've entered a nightmare world0

No Child Left Behind
Please take a quick online survey on how No Child Left Behind has affected your child, school, or community. It is critical that government and education leaders hear from concerned Michigan residents about the impact of this law. With your input, we will provide policymakers with concrete, “on the ground” information about the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind. Results of this survey will be reported to Congress, the Bush Administration and Michigan policymakers.

Challenge Grant: Support the Windfire Program at THIRDlevel
Third Level has been presented with a wonderful challenge. Mike Dively, a former resident of Traverse City where he represented the region in the State Legislature and was a member of the Third Level Board of Directors, has offered to give Windfire $5,000 if we can raise $5,000 by National Coming Out day, October 11th 2004. We have, of course, accepted this challenge with enthusiasm.

Band-Aid Measures
Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are talking about real health-care reform. A national health insurance program could cover all of the uninsured, upgrade coverage for most other Americans, and save money.

One long-time GOP political consultant is advising Republican Congressional candidates to keep their distance from Bush.

“We have to face the very real possibility that the President of the United States is loony tunes.” “That’s not good for candidates, it’s not good for the party and it’s certainly not good for the country.”

Bush Using Fear of Death to Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds
Every time Bush is in trouble he generates fear by declaring an imminent threat.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior
President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia. The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately. (See story above and below).

The Crawford Wives
Laura, Karen, Ann, Lynne, Condi, and Katherine unquestioningly support President Bush even as he robs women of the right to make private decisions about their personal lives. Even worse, they’re masking Bush’s record of restricting women’s rights – convincing women across the country to vote for Bush in November. You're not the only one who finds this disturbing. Imagine what President Bush will be able to restrict, what choices he'll take away, if any more of us let our ideals of women's rights and equality take a back seat to his ideology. Help us elect the only president who will fight for a country where we're entitled to think, question, express our views, and make our own private decisions.

Overlook Resources Fund
Mary O'Connor believes Miracle Manor, a home she helped establish for mothers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, is aptly named. The women of Miracle Manor submit to six months of intensive therapy. Many have been arrested several times and tried and failed to get clean. Often, it's their last chance to stay sober, to keep their children. But O'Connor says financial woes and a major budget shortfall threaten to close the 18-month-old facility. "Unless a miracle happens, and we've had our history of miracles," O'Connor said. "We don't call ourselves Miracle Manor for nothing." Miracle Manor board must make up a $150,000 shortfall by the end of its fiscal year in September.

Register to Vote
The November 02, 2004 Election promises to be the most important election in our lifetime for most of us. If you are not registered. Please register now. Click this message and you will be taken directly to the registration form on the State of Michigan government web site.

Politics Put Over Women and Children's Health
According to U.N. estimates, the $34 million in funds being withheld by the Bush administration this year could have helped prevent as many as 2 million unwanted pregnancies, 800,000 abortions, 4,700 maternal deaths and over 77,000 infant and child deaths.

The Troubling State of America's Children 2004
U.S. census bureau data shows that the gap between rich and poor families in the U.S. is greater than ever before. At the same time, the rate of childhood obesity is increasing practically as quickly as the national debt. A cross analysis of such data is presented in the 2004 State of the Children report, recently released by the Children's Defense Fund, and unfortunately, the results are downright depressing. For example, increased economic disparity on racial lines means African American infants are currently twice as likely to die in their first year as White infants. Cutbacks in education funding have led to a full 70% fourth graders not being able to read or write at grade level. Weaker gun control laws have resulted in eight children dying from gunfire every day. Interestingly enough, many of these statistics are reminiscent of data coming out of Texas during GW's governorship.

Contact Congressman Dave Camp NOW
Urge your U.S. Representative to vote AGAINST the Marriage Protection Act (H.R. 3313) this week, which would discriminate against gay and lesbian Americans for the purpose of "protecting" Congress' past discrimination. Send a letter to your House member today.

YES is looking to place three students
YES is looking for permanent as well as temporary placements for three students: Two girls from Pakistan, Nida who loves to sing, and Anam, who likes swimming, volleyball and pets, including dogs and a third student, Mohammed, of Lebanon. The student can be placed from Petoskey to Grayling / Gaylord to Frankfort and Cadillac area. These students arrive in early August. CONTACT Olave Russell (231-947-2974)

EPA Says DuPont Failed to Report Health Risks of Teflon
According to EPA officials, DuPont, the country's second-largest chemical manufacturer, violated the federal Toxic Substances Control Act by not reporting health risks from exposure to Teflon, its non-stick cookware coating and carpet protection product.

US again denies money to population fund
The Bush administration announced yesterday that it is withholding the United States' contribution to the UN Population Fund

Gender Bias in Coverage of Political Races
The overwhelming majority of news sources cited by capital city newspapers covering the most recent races for open governorships were male, Michigan State University researchers have found. Three quarters of stories citing nonpartisan sources cited only men, while 9 percent cited only women.

'What Will Happen To My Children When I Die?'
A new report on AIDS reveals a pandemic within the pandemic. Without strategies that specifically focus on women, there will be no global progress in fighting the disease.

Federal Marriage Amendment: Letter from Senator Stabenow
The United States Constitution has acted as a safeguard for our liberties since 1787. It is my belief that this celebrated document should only be amended in extraordinary circumstances. This is not such an occasion. I believe that we must respect the rights of those in committed relationships - rights most of us take for granted, like visiting a critically-ill loved one in the hospital or shared property protections.

Try Not To Breathe!
An industry spokesperson offers this cheap solution to the problem of air pollution: on "bad air" days "asthmatic kids need not go out and ride their bicycles" – the idea being that industrial facilities should not have to take steps to reduce health risks caused by their pollution; rather individuals should take steps to avoid these risks.

Bush Administration Accused of Trying to Isolate U.N. Agency
The Bush administration, which cut off its share of financing two years ago to the United Nations agency handling population control, is seeking to isolate the agency from groups that work with it in China and elsewhere, United Nations officials and diplomats say. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, a New York Democrat at the fore of efforts to restore support to the fund, said the administration was jeopardizing programs in women's and family health that should not be considered contentious.

America's Changing Families
American family life has changed more dramatically over the past quarter century than it had during the preceding half century. These changes have evoked alarm, anxiety, and apprehension, and have provoked recurrent calls for a return to the "traditional" family. We are convinced that the best response to these shifts is not sanctimonious moralizing and but rather a serious attempt to understand the underlying causes of the changes that are taking place in family life and to develop practical, pragmatic programs to address the stresses and needs of today's diverse families.

Will Providing Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Undermine Heterosexual Marriage?
Since the November 2003 court ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry in Massachusetts, a new debate on expanding the right to marry has exploded across the United States. While the debate involves many issues, one particularly controversial question is whether heterosexual people would change their marriage behavior if same-sex couples were given the same marital rights and obligations.

Marriage Promotion “Promises and Perils”
Sociologist Frank Furstenberg at the University of Pennsylvania has studied impoverished teens who became pregnant and then married. His Baltimore Study showed that 90 percent of the marriages formed by the teen mothers dissolved before their children reached the age of 18. This finding shows that marriages can be formed but not easily maintained. The problem is helping those who form marriages to maintain them through economic support, social services, and counseling. Getting more people to marry will do nothing for children unless those marriages work for the parents. Research suggests that children fare less well if their parents marry and divorce than if they never marry at all.

Mixed Messages on Marriage
Fifty years ago, the overwhelming majority of Americans believed that anyone who wasn't married by their early 20s was an immature neurotic who would never achieve a successful adult existence. Today, according to a poll sponsored by the Network on Adult Transitions funded by the MacArthur Foundation, half of all Americans believe that one can become a mature, responsible adult without marrying. Many people have ceased to believe that marriage is even essential for its age-old purpose of having children.

A Victory for All American Families
A group of anti-American politicians decided to trick some bigoted citizens instead of helping them. Those politicians proposed a Constitutional amendment that would take away, rather than protect, civil liberties -- and the politicians used it as a fundraising device. Pandering is bad, and when so-called leaders do it, it is disgusting. On the bright side, most members of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of American values and defeated the discrimination amendment for now.

Toxic Pollution Rose 5 Percent in 2002, Reversing Trend
Toxic chemical releases into the environment rose 5 percent in 2002, marking only the second such increase reported by the Environmental Protection Agency in nearly two decades, and the first since 1997. The biggest polluters in recent years have been hard-rock mining companies and coal-burning power plants according to the EPA.

Behind the gay marriage debate are straight facts
Census 2000 showed us that same-sex couples live in 99 percent of all US counties. They live—and mostly likely vote—in nearly every congressional district. Information from Census further allows us to analyze understudied subsets of the gay and lesbian population, such as seniors, couples with children, and racial and ethnic minorities. For instance, 96 percent of all US counties have at least one same-sex couple with children under 18; yet in only seven states and the District of Columbia do laws support gay and lesbian couple adoption. We observe trends in same-sex families, identify workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, examine economic outlooks for gay and lesbian seniors, and explore the fact that 1 million U.S. veterans are gay men or lesbians.

National Women’s Studies Association
The following Position Statement on Legal Recognition of Same-sex / Same-gender Relationships was adopted by NWSA June 20, 04:

The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA), a professional organization representing scholars, practitioners, and activists in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies both domestically and internationally, embraces as part of its mission “… the creation of a just world, free from all the ideologies and structures that oppress and exploit some for the advantage of others, in which all persons can develop to their fullest potential … [while] seek[ing] to understand and change these oppressive structures and ideologies” (excerpted from constitution, 2004).

Whereas the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) recognizes the inherent dignity of all persons and views as necessary to achieve the full experience of human and civil rights for all people the legal principle of “full equality under law,” therefore the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) opposes any and all legislative or judicial actions that prohibit or restrict legal recognition of same-sex/same-gender relationships and, while recognizing the role and contributions of the “traditional” family, promotes a broad understanding of “family” in its countless forms and in recognition of its place in society.

Women Living with Heart Disease
Los Angeles — Nearly one-third, or 365,000, of women's annual deaths result from heart disease, which is their leading cause of death.The Coalition is the nation's only patient advocacy organization that represents 8 million American women living with heart disease and aims to improve their quality of life and cardiac health through support, information and advocacy.

Stop the Drive to Write Intolerance into Michigan’s Constitution
Social conservative groups want to amend the Michigan Constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. Such a constitutional amendment would wipe out state and local protections against discrimination based on marital status. Under the amendment, landlords could legally refuse to rent to any unmarried couple, both opposite sex and same-sex couples. Employers could be prevented from providing domestic partner benefits.The amendment would reverse the constitutional tradition of protecting, not harming individual freedoms. The proposed amendment, by contrast, would deny all protection for the most personal decisions made by thousands of families in Michigan.

Woman Assaulted by Marriage Amendement Petitioners
(Pontiac, MI) – An anti-gay activist, collecting signatures to place an anti-gay question on the November ballot, assaulted a woman who raised questions about the issue. The incident took place outside of the Oakland County Courthouse on Tuesday morning. Rachel Lutz was on her way to the courthouse for an unrelated matter and witnessed the signature gatherer outside the building. The man was seeking support of an initiative that would ban equal rights for unmarried couples. Lutz was familiar with the ballot drive to deny gay and lesbian couples access to marriage, civil unions and domestic partner benefits and began to inform potential signers about the issue, suggesting that the effort was discriminatory. “He shoved me,” said Rachel Lutz. “I was standing by myself and did nothing to him, but obviously he was furious that I exercised my rights to free speech in favor of equality for gays. Finally, he asked if I’m a ‘lezzie’ and then he shoved me for no other reason. This really showed me, a straight ally of the gay community, the kind of real animosity these people have toward gays” “Lezzie” is a derogatory term used to insult lesbians.“It is shameful that these professional signature gatherers are getting paid to attack the civil rights of gays and they even assault those that disagree with them, they’re mercenaries, really” said Sean Kosofsky, Director of Policy for Triangle Foundation. “We call on all voters in Michigan to decline to sign any petition regarding marriage, because it will discriminate against gay and lesbian people.

What's The Difference Between Being Black And Being Gay???? . . . When You're Black You Don't Have To Tell Your Mother
In 1960, the sit-in movement came to Fredericksburg, VA. I was sixteen years old and full of youthful optimism. We held mass meetings, NAACP Youth Chapter meetings, and mock sit-ins to learn the lessons of passive resistance. We were passive and we were polite -- even when called "niggers" and "coons" and "sambo." We were scared when the darkness fell and we exited, surrounded by throngs of whites chanting "come out coons, come out coons!" But we were undaunted and ever so optimistic that our actions would prove to all the world that we were no longer INFERIOR -- as I'd been told during all my formative years. Not by my parents, not by my community, but by life.

Anti-gay extremists want to amend the MI Constitution to ban marriages, civil unions and domestic partner benefits
DECLINE TO SIGN — Petitioners are all over Michigan in all 83 counties. They are in churches, in front of supermarkets and post offices and at local festivals. This are professional signature collectors. They are earning at least $2.50 per signature. Join the "Decline to Sign" campaign. If the anti-gay "marriage" activists get the needed number of signatures our state will go through a very divisive and expensive election. Please help us avoid putting our right to a family on the ballot. Act now! Do all you can to seek out the petitioners and if they are somewhere they shouldn't be, tell the property owner or police that they are on private property. Hang around them and talk to the people they are talking to and tell them that the petitions are discriminatory.

Lesbian Community Assesses Health Issues
Compared to heterosexual women, lesbians appear to have higher rates of smoking, obesity and alcohol use. Often lacking health insurance or wary of unsympathetic doctors, they also may be less likely to undergo routine medical exams that could identify cancer and other problems at early stages.

Barnard Commencement 2004 (Speech by Barbara Ehrenreich)
It is a total thrill to share this day with you today. I really feel honored to participate. How many of you are parents of graduates? What I'm really curious about is how you managed to get here today, after paying all that money for tuition - Greyhound bus? I put two kids thru Ivy League myself, which meant I had to hitchhike to their commencement ceremonies.

Mammograms Harder to Get, Report Finds
WASHINGTON, June 10 (AP) - A shortage of providers is threatening women's access to mammograms, a federal health advisory panel said in a report released Thursday.

Stop the War on Women
The White House, Congress, and  state legislatures across the country have launched a  war on women. It might be hard to believe, but it's true.

  • The president signs federal abortion ban, passed by  Congress earlier in the year, criminalizing abortions as  early as 12 to 15 weeks in pregnancy and imperiling  women's health (November 5, 2003).
  • The president signs the so-called "Unborn Victims of  Violence Act," passed by Congress earlier in the year,  giving a zygote, embryo, or fetus the same legal rights  as a person and further undermining a woman's right to  an abortion (April 1, 2004).
  • The FDA bows to political pressure and delays making  decision on converting emergency contraception to  over-the-counter status (February 13, 2004).
  • Anti-choice hardliners resort to intimidation tactics  to pressure NIH scientists to abandon research on AIDS,  sexuality, and high-risk behavior (October 28, 2003). If you want to stop this war, there is something you can do.  Join with Planned Parenthood to call on anti-choice  politicians to stop their war on women. Demand that our government help save lives,  protect our health, and respect our privacy by supporting  legislation that affirms reproductive and social justice  for women at home and abroad.

Protect Servicewomen's Rights Abroad!
Servicewomen and female military dependents are banned from accessing abortion services - even when using their own private funds - at military hospitals overseas. They don't even have the same right Medicaid recipients do to public support in cases of rape or incest. Our overseas military personnel deserve the same rights as women here in America.

Oppose Michigan Healthcare Bills
On April 21, the Michigan House of Representatives passed four bills (House Bills 5006, 5276, 5277, and 5278) that would allow a health care provider or facility to refuse treatment for specific medical conditions that uniquely affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community - including hormone therapy for transgendered individuals and assisted reproduction for same-sex couples. The bills further allow health insurers to refuse health care benefits and fail to require health care providers to give referrals to providers who offer the services they refuse.

What Interest does the Women's Movement have in Solving the Homosexual Problem? (1904)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Women's Movement is a historical and cultural necessity. Homosexuality is a historical and cultural necessity, and homosexuality is an obvious and natural bridge between man and woman."

Michigan "Civil Rights Initiative" Kicks Off Petition Drive
They call it the "Civil Rights Initiative," but detractors say the goal of the petition campaign inspired by the recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action at the University of Michigan is to roll back the gains of the civil rights movement. The campaign to outlaw affirmative action started its petition drive January 12, and if successful will put the issue on the ballot for Michigan voters to decide November 2.

Protect Women's Health and Clean Air
Did you know that secondhand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, like arsenic, ammonia, and cyanide? And new evidence shows that smoking is linked to infertility, miscarriages, and cervical cancer. If someone were polluting our parks or rivers with arsenic and cyanide, we'd be outraged. So why is it ok to pollute our air in public spaces like offices, restaurants, and bars, especially when we know this pollution can kill us? Help us protect public health and clean air: http://www.care2.com/go/z/11705/1043

Protect Children and Families From Dangers of Mercury Pollution
More than 600,000 newborns are at risk of brain damage and learning disabilities every year because their mothers were exposed to mercury pollution.  Mercury is highly toxic to everyone, but particularly to children and developing fetuses.  Most mercury is released from power plant smokestacks.  And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projects that your state suffers from particularly high levels of mercury pollution.  Yet, despite the dangers of mercury pollution, the EPA is proposing completely inadequate rules for regulating mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants.  Let's hold the federal government accountable to fully enforce the Clean Air Act and slash mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants.  Ask the EPA and the White House to develop strong mercury rules to protect our children and families. http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/nationalmercury

A very scary week for women
Last week was a scary one for women's rights. First, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft demanded that at least six hospitals turn over medical records of women who have had abortions in order to support a federal lawsuit. Apparently, John Ashcroft thinks that federal law doesn't honor confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship. Thankfully, two legislators recently introduced the federal Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a landmark bill that will protect women's civil liberties and reproductive freedom. Sign this petition to support the Freedom of Choice Act - your rights depend on it! http://www.care2.com/go/z/11703/1066

Violence Against Women
In 1996, a statewide survey of women aged 18-69 in Michigan collected data on violence in women's lives. This survey found that:

  • In the year before the survey, 12% of women sustained at least one form of violence (physical, sexual 1 , or threat) perpetrated by a man.
  • Since age 16, over half (58%) of Michigan women experienced some type of violence by a man.
  • Women were more likely to sustain violence by someone they knew (52%) than by strangers (35%).
  • Over one-third (38%) of women who had ever had a partner had experienced some type of partner 2 violence.
  • One out of five (21%) women with current partners reported sustaining some type of violence in that relationship.
  • 38% of women have experienced physical violence by a man since age 16.
  • 40% of women have experienced some form of sexual violence, ranging from unwanted touching to forcible rape, since the age of 16.
  • More Violence Against Women Facts ...
Don't ever let anyone tell you that there weren't notable, accomplished, and effective women throughout history. They have always been there. HIStorians have consistently failed to document women's accomplishments — therefore each generation of women have had to reinvent themselves.